Centrifuge Reconditioning & Maintenance

IFG is your “All-In-One” service and repair center for all major industries and waste water management.

All makes and models of centrifuge and decanter units including Alfa Laval, Bird, Broadbent, Centrisys, Flottweg, Hytek, Lynx, Sharples, and Westfalia to name a few.

IFG Services will recondition your unit to the highest standards and all work is guaranteed.


Centrifuge Recondition
  • Complete disassembly in our facility
Inspection of all components
  • Power washing and steam cleaning
  • Inspect bearing fits and repair as needed
  • Repair and hardface scroll in worn areas and straighten
  • Repair bowl strips
  • Balance bowl
  • Balance scroll
  • Replace bearings, seals and gaskets
  • Drive motor repair
  • Assemble rotating assembly to skid and check bearing alignment
  • Test run in our facility
  • Epoxy paint external carbon steel/On Request to your color specification
Additional Services / Recondition Enhancements
  • Drive Conversions
  • Special Features
  • Hard-surfacing
  • Carbide Replacement Parts
  • Scroll Tiles
  • Feed Tubes
  • Gearboxes
  • Bowl
  • Belzona Ceramic
  • Skids
Waste Water Managment

Our team of associated engineering staff, unit specialists and designers work together in a combined effort to produce top quality solids and waste water management systems. IFG offers custom solutions to your centrifugal applications with the same expertise as an OEM. Get OEM creativity without OEM prices.

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